Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Podcast re: "SOA is Dead" Debate available

I participated in one of Dana Gardner's BriefingsDirect podcasts last week. David Linthicum, Jim Kobelius, Tony Baer, Joe McKendrick, JP Morgenthal, and I debated the "SOA is Dead" theme. You can access the podcast or read the transcript here.

I was a little surprised (and annoyed) at the "commercial sponsor" flavor of the show. The first two thirds of the show focused on communication services, which is a reasonably interesting topic, but the discussion was led by a vendor of one such product. If I'd realized that I was being asked to endorse a vendor product, I probably wouldn't have participated.

The "SOA is Dead" debate starts about 35-40 minutes into the podcast.


Dana Gardner said...

Hi, Anne:

I don't think you were being asked to endorse any product or vendor. That certainly wasn't intended. Todd from NEC Sphere was asked on the show because I think he has some of the best thought leadership on SOC around.

Neither he nor NEC sponsored the content in any way, nor are they clients of mine; there would have been disclosure if they were. I think he also stuck to the SOC topic, was balanced, and did not plug NEC much at all.

The underwriters of the podcast series, Active Endpoints and TIBCO, were only mentioned at the beginning and end as underwriters. So no endorsement there either.

I am thankful you joined and made great contributions. Sorry if you feel it's too commercial, but having declared sponsors is the only way to continue to provide this content regularly. And I welcome guests from vendors if they advance the learning without be too commercial.

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